Tree ferns

Tree ferns are the large ferns with trunks.

Mamaku   Black fern (Korau)

Cyathea medullaris

Because there are a number of young mamaku growing in the Reserve these ferns are easy to recognise by their very long black stipes. Mamaku is the largest tree fern known but because of possum damage a number of the mature species have died. The trunk of the mamaku is recognised by the diamond scar patterns. Maori ate baked pith of the mamaku as well as using it as poultice for sores or wounds . The gum has been used for worms and diarrhoea (according to Crowe) Young fronds damaged by possums ( according to Parkinson)  

Silver fern   Ponga

Cyathea dealbata

Many examples of the silver fern occur in the reserve; look for the silver backs to the fronds. Young ferns do not show the silver colouration but are identified by their smooth stipes.